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Simple Craft - Chain Bracelet with Glass Beads

Happy Tuesday! Today I will share a simple craft, which inspired by this outfit on polyvore,gold chain link charm bracelet with glass beads with you.
These lake blue czech glass beads super-clear and glitter well in gold chain link charm bracelet. You will soon fall in love this beautiful and simple bracelet. Let's start!

The main jewelry making supplies you will need:
12mm Blue Czech Glass Beads
16mm Blue Czech Glass Beads
12mm Brass Rhinestone Beads
0.5mm Copper Wire
Jump Rings
Spring Clasp
Iron Chain
Wire Cutter
Round Nose Plier

How to make a chain link bracelet with glass beads:
1. Make a bead link
Wrap a wire as a headpin, and slide czech glass beads and rhinestone beads alternately as the picture shows below, then make a loop and cut off extra wire.
2. Connect bead link with chains
Prepare 2 pairs of 10cm chains, and use jump rings to attach chains to both sides of the bead link.
3. Finish the bracelet
Connect the two end chains together with a spring clasp and a jump ring.