Crafting Wires


DIY A Heart Lariat Style Necklace

I keep bookmarking, pinning, and planning to make this nice heart lariat style necklace. This necklace is easy, quick and fun to make and is perfect to make with kids or friends or back-to-school activity! Now let's begin!

Jewelry making supplies you will need to prepare
Drop Electroplate Glass Beads
Brass Chain
0.3MM Copper Wire
Brass Links

step 1
Use 10cm 0.3mm copper wire and drop glass beads to make 7 bead dangles.

step 2
Use jumprings to attach these 7 bead dangles to the end 35cm brass chain circle. Keep the distance as the below picture shows.

step 3
Connect the two brass chains by a heart brass link.

How about this easy craft? Would you like to have a try? Very glad to see your comments below.