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5 Minute Craft - DIY Necklace

I love to make easy craft within 5 minutes. Today I will share another craft which I made in 5 minutes, but it looks catchy! This is a necklace with chains and O rings.
The main materials you will need:
Gold plated chain
3 pieces of 20mm gold O rings
2 pieces of 12mm gold O rings
2 pieces of 5mm gold O rings
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How to make this necklace: Open up all the O rings with pliers, so that you can join them to one another as the picture shows, then close each ring again. Attach both ends of chain to the main ring section and close the gaps. Finish!
Here is this beautiful necklace with simple jewelry making supplies.
P.S. If you couldn't find the O rings, you can make similar rings with jewelry wire.
It is a speedy craft! Agree??