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Important Jewelry Making Supplies for Beginners

Jewelry making supplies from Panda Hall can be classified in some major sections. There are tools, stringing materials, beads and gemstones and lastly jewelry findings. These four categories may not fully encompass the items that are used in jewelry making, but they represent at least eighty percent of what is used in this crafts.


A craftsperson is nothing without his/her tools. Jewelry making tools are the items that are used to put things together to make pieces such as jewelry items. In jewelry making, some of the basic tools required are wire cutters. These are essential for the purpose of cutting wire when making wire jewelry. They are also used to cut eye pins and head pins.

Other important tools are pliers. These come in different types and they are used to make loops, in crimping or to hold jewelry items when designing them. You can buy them based on the task that you want to do. There are flat nose pliers, chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and flat end pliers just to name a few.

Cutting tools

You do a lot of cutting in jewelry making whether it’s cutting wire or plastic, there are tools for each purpose. You have wire cutters which are used to cut jewelry making wire. There are end cutting nippers that are often used to trim the ends of jewelry items such as the posts of studs. There are also flush cutters which are used to trim eye pins, beading wire and head pins.

Stringing material

Stringing material in jewelry making is diverse; we have the stringing wire, which can be made from different types of material. The favorite is made of fine stainless steel cables covered with nylon coating that can be found in different brands such as Accu-Flex and Soft Flex. Cord is jewelry stringing material made from items such as hemp, leather, suede and even nylon.  You can also use chains as stringing material depending on the items being strung.

Beads and gemstones

When it comes to jewelry making supplies, bead and gemstones are items you cannot do without. These are the focus of jewelry pieces; they bring color to the item. There is so much to choose from as you can get precious stones, glass beads, crystals and so on. They are also made of different materials which offer a variety.

Jewelry findings

Jewelry findings complete your jewelry making supplies stash from Pandahall. They are made up of connectors and finishing items that will complete any jewelry piece you make. They include crimp beads, bead caps, jump rings and hooks among others.

These are the supplies you should purchase from pandahall. Combined, they will help you to make nice jewelry pieces. Once you become an expert at jewelry making, you will find other supplies that you need to make exceptional pieces, but these are the basics that you should start with.