Crafting Wires


Make Beads into a Perfect Link- Herringbone Wire Wrap

If you love jewelry making, you should master wire wrap technique well. Herringbone wire wrap is often seen in jewelry making. You may think it's hard to do. But you'll find it simple to make after taking a look at below steps...

You'll need aluminum wires, glass bead (or any beads is OK), round nose pliers, and wire cutters.

Step1: Make a loop around round nose pliers.

Step2: Wrap wire around the longer piece.

Step3: Thread a bead onto the wire and repeat wrapping wire the other end of the wire, like the previous steps.

Step4: Weave from the wire around one side of the bead and lay the wire cross the glass bead.

Step5: Make one wrap around the wrapped coil.

Step6: Form the wire around the other side of the bead and make one wrap around the wrapped coil.

Step7: Repeat the pattern until you have reached the top of the coil.

Step8: Make one extra wrap around the wrapped coil and cut off the extra wire with wire cutters.

Step9: Use round nose pliers to squeeze the end of the wire.

Step10: So you get a wrapped herringbone!