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Introduction to Swarovski Crystal AB

You should know Swarovski first if you want to get familiar with Swarovski crystal AB. Swarovski is an Austrian company which is one of the most renowned crystal brands all around the world. Swarovski crystals have been known for their precision cut, clarity and unique sparkle. There are many different finishes used in making these crystals, one of the most utilized coatings is Aurora Borealis, simply known as “AB”. Now let’s have a look at the detailed information about what the crystal AB is.


In 1956, Swarovski introduced the AB crystal which reflected multiple colors when exposed to light due to a special coating. These special crystals were named after the Aurora Borealis or AB for short.


To create AB crystals, special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of clear crystals through a particular steam treatment. A special film is typically coated only on one side of a clear crystal for a more brilliant effect. A crystal with an AB coating reflects light spectacularly and gives off a rainbow-like effect which is permanent.


The characteristics of Swarovski AB crystals are unparalleled. Not only are their cuts distinct, but the colors and shapes are varied. Among all kinds of shapes, bicone is the most popular. Almost all imaginable colors can be found in AB crystals, including jet black, black diamond, sapphire, hyacinth, aqua, emerald, peridot, red coral, rose, garnet, amethyst, jonquil, topaz, Padparadscha and so on.

Basically all above can explain to you what the Swarovski crystal AB is and how it is manufactured, as well as its history. I hope you can find the answer to your confusion here!