Crafting Wires


Make Wire Wrapped Hair Accessories with Wood Beads

It’s ridiculously easy to make this wire wrapped hair accessory. The concept is simple, just wrap the wires, thread the wood beads. Here, detailed steps will be listed below. Feel free to DIY it and wear it out proudly.

Jewelry making supplies required:
2mm Aluminum wire
0.3mm copper wire
6mm wood beads
Wire cutting pliers
Round nose pliers

Cut down 2mm aluminum wire of length about 15cm, wrap circles on both ends, like the pic showed. 
Start wrapping 10 circles of the 0.3mm copper wire close to aluminum circle made before. Thread a wood bead then wrap 10 circles. 
Repeat this procedure until use up 14 wood beads. 

Cut down 10cm aluminum wire and bend a loop on one end with round nose pliers. 
Make one wood bead go through 0.3mm copper wire of the length 8cm. 
At last, fix the wood bead by wrapping circles.

The pretty wire wrapped hair accessory is finished. Now you can wear it out proudly and tell your friends that it’s all handmade by you!