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DIY Simple Crystal Ball Beaded Ring with Seed Beads

Love handmade beaded rings? Here I wanna share an easy ring with you all. This DIY beads rings is make within 3 steps, so if you also wanna own it, follow me to try it together~

Supplies you’ll need in making the crystal ball rings:
2mm Green Seed Beads
Round Seed Beads
Dark Goldenrod Seed Beads
Clear Seed Beads
Clear Drop Rhinestone Cabochons 
30mm Blown Glass Globe Beads
Ring Base Finding
Pink Felt
Glue Gun  
Iron Scissor
Step 1: Prepare enough seed beads (green, mixed color, dark goldenrod and clear) and a blown glass globe bead, then put some seed beads in different color into the globe bead as pictured.
Step 2: Cut a round pink felt and glue 6 clear drop rhinestone cabochons to it as a flower, and then add the flower pattern onto a ring base finding with glue gun.
Step 3: Add the globe bead with seed beads to the rhinestone flower pattern firmly as pictured, then you will get a flower beads ring~
Wow, how cute this clear bead ring is! Have you fallen in love with it? You see, it needs no any other professional skills to make, yet it is really fresh and kawaii, why don’t you try to make one yourself? Hope you like it and have a nice try! Anyway, have a wonderful time~

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