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The Magical Effects Of Soothing And Aromatic Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are soft beads and give a soothing pleasure to eyes. They are light weight, and sometimes aromatic and simple. As the wooden beads are made of wood, the necklaces formed using them will be light weight compared to the ones using the other types of beads. Also the aroma produced by some of them makes it a choice to many people, including the teenagers.

Wooden beads: apart from ornament making

The wooden beads are used for different purposes. One of the important uses is the medicinal purpose. The necklaces made using some special type of woods with medicinal quality helps in treating skin related diseases. The wooden beads with medicinal values even help in blood circulation. Even if there is no medicinal quality, a necklace created with wooden bead normally will not cause any negative reactions on the body.

Types of wooden beads

The wooden beads are available not only as artificially created ones, but also as naturally seen ones. This natural availability gives them a religious value. The natural beads, Rudraksha are related to many religious beliefs like Hinduism in India. The necklace and bracelets created using the Rudraksha beads, single Rudraksha bead tied in the hand etc. are different traditions seen in Hinduism. Rudraksha is an essential part in Hindu saints and their chantings.

No age bar

The wooden beads are age friendly. Everyone from children to the old aged people loves to wear them due to one or other reasons. For some people it can be religious, for some it can be medicinal, and for some it can be something else, like as a key chain or as a decoration or a hair band etc. 

The wooden beads are preferred in the toys in which the beads are used. Small kids normally have a tendency to take everything to their mouth. Here the wooden beads can be a lesser evil compared to the plastic beads and other types of beads. Wooden beads can also be dangerous in such cases, but in comparison, will cause less danger only.

Making of wooden beads

It is comparatively easy to make a wooden bead. There is no chemical processes involved, no molding, but need only proper cutting. Large varieties are possible in this case also with proper paintings, dyeing and waxing methods.

Cheap availability and being a mere wood do not lessen the demand for wooden beads, but it always remains as a choice for both the jewelry makers and the buyers.