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How to make a bracelet using lampwork beads?

Hi friends! I am back with another crafty tutorial this time, using our dearly tendered glass beads. I generally recommend using lampwork beads because they simply are more attractive than any (in my opinion). So, let us stop talking now and begin!
First of all, make sure you check listed all the supplies mentioned below:
·         Lampwork beads

·         Beadalon wire – 19 strand
·         Toggle clasp
·         Jump rings – 2x, 5 to 6mm
·         Calottes – 2x
·         Swarovski crystal beads (optional to use) – blue
·         Bali Spacer beads – (optional to use)
·         Crimp beads
·         Crimp pliers
·         Chain-nose pliers
·         Wire cutters

Step 1: Grab your cutter and cut out a wire piece around 1” longer than your bracelet’s actual length. Followed by, string a crimp bead onto the ending point of your wire. Compress your bead using crimp pliers. Then, slide your calotte onto your wire and reach the middle of your calotte with it. You do not need any parts sticking out, so trim away the wire part in excess on the side of your crimp bead.
Step 2: Followed by, close your calotte using your flat-nose pliers or your chain until it is absolutely closed.
Step 3: Afterwards, open your calotte’s loop using the chain-nose pliers and put a jump ring into it. Then, close it using chain-nose pliers again.
Step 4: Now, fix a jump ring by opening your calotte’s loop using the pliers. Open the jump ring and then put your toggle clasp’s bar. The same way as you opened the jump ring, close it.
Step 5: Time to string your lampwork beads! I would recommend you follow my order, but you are absolutely free to go for your own: Swarovski beads, lampwork beads, Swarovski beads again, bali beads, Swarovski beads again and finally lampwork.
Step 6: Get the desired size of your bracelet’s length. You need to keep in mind that your toggle clasp will have a jump ring & a calotte eventually. Insert your calotte once you have reached the perfect length and then the crimp bead. Do not open your calotte too much; relax and open it slowly. I come from an experience of breaking my calottes and then frustrating myself. I would strictly advise you not to use crimp pliers for this particular crimp bead because they will break. You can use bent-nose pliers or a chain. Put the wire in one hand of yours and then use your chain-nose pliers in order to compress your crimp bead.
Step 7: Trim the extension of your wire away using wire cutters. Now gently close the sidings of your calotte using flat-nose pliers or a chain.
Step 8: Followed by, open up the loop of your calotte and put the next jump ring. Now close the loop. In order to insert the ring of the clasp, open your jump ring. Close the jump ring now, and your lampwork beads bracelet is all done!

That is all! I hope you enjoyed this lampwork beads tutorial. Stay tuned for more guided tutorials on my blog.