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DIY a Pair of Handmade Beaded Drop Earrings with White and Black Glass Beads

Hey, are you interested in glass bead earrings? Glass beads are always shining and sparkling, so that jewelry making lovers are willing to use them in jewelry making. Today, I am gonna bring you a pair of drop bead earrings which is made by white and black glass drop earrings and jewelry. Maybe you will like it. Then, let’s have a look~
Jewelry making supplies in making the handmade beads earrings:
12x8mm Black Drop Glass Beads 
15x10mm Clear Drop Glass Beads
4mm Golden Round Beads
0.3mm Jewelry Wire
0.3mm Golden Earring Hooks
Needle Nose Plier
Stainless-Steel Scissor
Step 1: Snick off a piece of 0.3mm jewelry wire, slide a 15x10mm clear drop glass bead on middle of the wire, and wrap the 2 wires together to fix this beads. Snick o piece of 0.3mm jewelry wire again, slide a 12x8mm black drop glass bead on the wire and fix the bead as pictured.
Step 2: Add a black bead on one the left side of the clear bead. Continue to add 4 15x10mm clear beads and 2 12x8mm black beads on the wires as pictured. Twist the 2 wires together and slide a 12x8mm black bead on the wires, and fix the bead by twist the 2 wires several times.
Step 3: Slide a 4mm gold round bead on the 2 wires, making a small loop with the wires and cut off the excess wires.
Step 4: Attach the bead drop to an earring hook.
Now, this pair of white and black earrings is finished. It is really easy to make, then do you want to make such beaded drop earrings? Just have a nice try and have a nice day!