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Some Christmas Ornaments Worthy of Your Attention!

Good afternoon dear friends, as you know, Christmas is approaching. So do you have any ideas in your mind to decorate your home or yourself? Maybe your mind goes blank now. if so, I’d like to share you some Christmas ornaments, let’s see together~

1.  Fashion Brass Bell Bib Statement Necklace
This brass bell bib necklace with faux suede cord, iron chains and CCB spike beads looks pretty cool and personalized, right? Its colorful bells are so cute! Have you fell in love with it? if you wear such fabulous necklace on Christmas day, you must stand out among crowds~
2. Christmas Candy Cane with Bow
Candy cane is one of the traditional symbols of Christmas, and I love red-and-white candy cane most! Here red candy cane made of clay beads plus green bow is more adorable I think~ you can hang the candy cane on Christmas tree or windows, it’s up to you.
3. Handmade Christmas Snowman Hat with Polymer Clay Beads
Here is another kind of Christmasbeads I’d love to share with you. I was totally fascinated by the cute snowman beads, guys how do you think about it? It’s also made of polymer clay.
4. Painted Snowflake Acrylic Beads
Christmas in every year, we must see much snow, which makes me feel so good. If no snowflakes, there would be no Christmas atmosphere, do you think so? You can use the snowflakes decorate your Christmas tree and home, and it won’t be out of date on Christmas.

Among all the Christmas ornaments, which one do you like best? If you have any other good ideas, you can also share with me, I am waiting for you. Anyway, hope you like today’s Christmas ornaments shared~ and wish you a happy day~