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Why Wooden Beads are Popular and Preferred

There are plastic and metallic materials used for making beads but the industry seems to incline more on wooden beads. Many designers have literally fallen in love with this material. Many people keep on asking why so. Well, there are very many positives that make beads made of wood a preferred alternative for very many people. In this article, you will get to learn a few reasons why they are popular and preferred option for almost all designers.

Varied uses for wood beads

For a start, you can use such beads for a variety of projects that include scrapbooking, crafting and sewing. These are some of the tasks that beads made of for example metal will be hard to use. Wooden material beads will always be a good fallback option available for you. Then, wood has been in existence for the longest time possible compared to other materials available in the market.
As such, wooden beads have been known to many people for a very long period and that has helped contribute to their popularity that is unmatched. Most of the designers preferred wood because it was drawn from natural raw materials. Trees were readily available and there were no restrictions on their usage. Of greater significance were the properties that wooden beads come with. These properties are different because trees varied as well from hardwood to softwood.

Thus, the properties for all beads depended on the trees where the raw material was drawn from. Density, pattern and color for trees are not the same and they are transferred to beads. For instance, those beads made from natural wood come with a more reddish color as well as black. For density, the heavier the tree the stronger and durable your wooden beads will be. Once you have durable beads, many people will want to associate with that which translates to growing popularity.

Then there are benefits of using wooden beads which draw many people into having them for their jewelry. One of the benefits is light in weight. Unlike metal which is a burden, beads made from wood are not heavy to wear thus come with no burden. You can have these beads as necklaces, earrings and bracelets without getting worried of the burden they will come with. There is affordability that comes with using wood as the raw material for beads. You will come across trees every corner you cut thus are readily available.

Supply is more than demand

When you have raw materials available that easily, it means supply is more than demand and that translates to low costs. That is a big reason why many people would prefer using wood than metal or plastic materials for their beads. Ease of use is yet another of the top benefits that make wooden beads very popular and a preference for many designers. Reshaping to whatever shape you want will be very easy and even adding decorations as well as painting. You will have very easy time working with wood for jewelry beads.