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Halloween Hair Accessory- Charming Ribbon Flower Hair Comb

Hi, guys, the first day of September, how is it going? There are 2 months left before Halloween, while I’m so happy and have made some Halloween crafts to celebrate it, including ribbon hair comb. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to make this ribbon flower hair comb with spider pendants. Hope you will enjoy it!

Jewelry making supplies in the ribbon flower hair comb:

Round Seed Beads
Iron Hair Comb
Copper Jewelry Wire
Satin Ribbon
Alloy Spider Pendants
Glass Beads Strands
Translucent Acrylic Beads
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets
Iron Scissors
Step 1, trim off many pieces of square black ribbon, fold one into a triangle, then fold the corners of the long side and stick them plastic gun. Then repeat the steps to make more folded patterns.

Step 2, fold the patterns from the middle side and put them together to make a flower shape, then stick the flower shape to a round felt. Next slide a black jewelry wire from the back side of the flower, then twist the wire and repeat the steps to make another three black flower.

Step 3: slide a black pearl bead on a jewelry wire and twist the wire, then slide a flower shaped bead and a seed bead on the jewelry wire, don’t forget to twist the bottom side of the seed bead, and go on the steps to make another four beaded flowers. Next slide four spider pendants on fur jewelry wires separately, and twist the wires.

At last, wrap the four flowers and the decorations to the hair comb.

Congratulations! A charming ribbon flower hair comb is instantly finished. These black flower, black beads and black combs are suitable for the atmosphere of Halloween. This black ribbon hair comb is perfect for girls to wear on Halloween. You can make one and send it to your friend, I believe it will be a great surprise for her on Halloween.