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Key Properties of Glass Beads

What makes glass beads so popular and a darling of many jewelers? You might have to do a lot of research before getting right answers to that. The truth is that key properties of these beads are the ones that make them unique and adorable. They can easily standout from the rest in the market and that is a reason enough to consider glass beads for your jewelry project. In making your choices, consider the following properties to ensure the choice you make is the right one:

  • Size- this is a very critical property that should be given top priority all the time. The size of glass beads varies from one manufacturer to another and you must be aware of that. Also, size can depend on the specific part of the body they will be used. For instance, those for the neck will come in different size from those for the wrist. You must go for beads of a size that you feel will not be a burden to your body. It should match well with your own body size and any other accessories that you have put on.
  • Shape- this is another property that must be given due consideration. Do you want rounded, rectangular or triangular shaped glass beads? All these are alternatives that you will get in the market for consideration. Some of the shapes might be difficult to access but you must leave to it that the choice you make is the ideal one.
  • Surface- the surface of your beads can either be smooth or rough. Luckily for glass material, its surface is mostly smooth but that does not mean you will never get those with rough surfaces. You will get whatever you are looking for in terms of the surface texture so don’t limit your considerations.
  • Chemical- the chemical property of glass material for making beads matters a lot. This is because glass beads seem to be unaffected anytime they are subjected to different environmental conditions unlike many other types in the market. Whether its pressure, temperatures, moisture or light irradiation; the beads remain natural.
  • Thermal- this is a property of glass that you need to know about when buying the material for making beads. Glass has very low thermal expansion and that means beads have a very high dimensional stability whenever exposed to high temperatures. They can withstand the pressure coming from heat which translates to durability.
  • Hard- naturally, glass comes with hardness thus it can be hard to break unless mishandled. If you handle your glass beads with a lot of care, they will serve you for long without breaking. The hardness assures beads durability and it’s something to think about seriously when making a choice.
  • Transparent- you can see through the glass material and it’s yet another top property that makes it good for making beads.

When deciding whether to use glass for making beads or not, considering these properties will be a good starting point. It will help you understand very well what you are going for.