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Mickey Mouse Necklace DIY!!!

Simple jewelry can sometimes be made without too difficult steps and complex materials. I have a T shirt with a Mickey's pattern, so I decided to make a piece of necklace in Mickey's pattern too. I couldn't just resist it because it is so cute!! Before I start to share this tutorial, there is one thing must be made clear at first, do you LOVE mickey mouse? Do you want to make one? Ahaha... okay, let's begin!

Materials and tools you will need:
Silvery iron chain
Eye clasp
Cerise Opaque acrylic beads
Acrylic spike beads
Eye pins
Jump rings
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter

1. Make the Mickey Mouse Pendant
1). Make two bead links by 10mm pink acrylic beads and five bead links by 6mm pink acrylic beads with eye pins. Then make one bead link by a big flat pink acrylic bead.
2). Attach five spike beads to the five small bead links as the picture shows. Then attach the five bead chains to eye clasp.
3). Attach the flat round bead link to the eye clasp.

2. Finish the handmade Mickey necklace
1). Prepare a 40cm length of iron chain, and then attach the 2 10mm acrylic bead links to both ends of the chain.
2). Attach these 2 bead links to the Mickey pendant.

That's it! Using lightweight beads this necklace is very light and delicate, lovely for summer with a Mickey Mouse T shirt. I enjoyed making cute jewelry so much and am so happy with the result that came out. And you?