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How to Make Lovely Kids Bracelets?

Summer vacation is coming, want to make your kids dazzling when they go out with friends? What about making a beaded bracelet for kids?Read the following tutorial and have a nice try!

jewelry making supplies for the kids beaded bracelets: 
Glass Beads Strands
Glass Seed Beads
Glass Bugle Beads
Iron Jump Rings
Iron Bead Tips
Tiger Wires
Bracelet clasps - lobster clasp
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets
Needle Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

Step 1: Make a basic strand
First, prepare a tiger wire and add an iron bead tip on the one side;
Second, slide 2 green glass beads and a glass bugle bead on the tiger wire;

Third, continue sliding beads just like the second step, and you can think about a proper length according to your kids’ wrist;
Fourth, add an iron bead tip on the other side.

Step 2: Add another bead strand on the basic strand
First, slide another proper length of tiger wire across the iron bead tip and the first two green glass beads, then string 5 seed beads, a green glass bead and another 5 seeds beads on the tiger wire;
Second, slide the tiger wire across the following 2 green glass beads, then repeat the steps bellow.

Step 3: Finish the rest of kids beaded bracelets
Continue the steps I showed before. When finishing the main part of the bracelet, then add 2 jump rings to the two ends and add a lobster clasp to the jump rings.

Congratulations, you have finished the lovely kids beaded bracelets! As a gift for your kids, it will surprise them and make them eye-catching. A DIY bracelet for kids is far more lovely and sincere than you buy one at the shopping mall, right? I bet your children will be thrilled at this amazing kids beaded bracelet.