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How to Make a Copper Wire Ring in Five Minutes

Nowadays people are fond of wearing various rings to make them more eye-catching. As one of the most popular rings,copper wire rings are ubiquitous because of their simple but vogue designs. Do you want to make a DIY simple wire ring? Here is a copper wire ring tutorial, have a nice try!  

jewelry making supplies for copper wire ring:
Cylindrical stick

Instructions on making a copper wire ring:

Hey, let’s look at the picture, step by step to finish this copper wire ring.
At first, we need to prepare a proper length of the copper wire and make a loop with plier in case that the sharp location will scratch your skin or something else;
Second, use the round nose plier to make several curls as the picture shows, and grab a cylindrical stick which has similar circumference to your finger, use the wire to wrap another circular pattern;
Thitd, repeat the above process for more zigzags, and make other loop at the end of the wire.

Congratulations, your copper wire ring is well done! So easy, right? You can brainstorm more patterns you like, and create more various copper wire rings. I’m sure you will enjoy it.