Crafting Wires


How to Make Lovely Girls Hair Accessories

Hello guys, last time we talked about DIY rings, today I will tell something that most girls will like, DIY hair accessories. As one of the most popular girls hair accessories, wire hair accessories become protagonist of today’s tutorial. Now follow me, have a nice try!

Aluminum wire
0.3mm copper wire
wood beads

Wire cutting plier
Round nose plier

Let’s look at the picture, step by step finish the girls hair accessories.
First trim off a length of 15cm aluminum wire and twine it to a hoop shape, use round nose plier to twine some circles on both ends.

Then prepare 0.3mm copper wire to twine ten times closed to the circle, and slide a wood bead. Repeat the above steps, twine ten circles, stop until 14 rainbow wood beads have been used up.

At last, trim off another 10cm aluminum wire and loop on one end, slide a wood bead to an 8cm copper wire and add the bead to the loop by twine some circles on the loop.

Tata, your DIY hair accessories is perfectly done. So easy, right? You could use other beads to decorate your hair accessories as you like. Just do it, I’m sure you will have a funny and happy time in creating it!