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Jewelry That Have Magnetic Clasps Sell Faster

As a jewelry designer, you very well know the importance of magnetic clasps. Such clasps are simple to operate and it is what most customers prefer when it comes to operating their jewelry. Hard to open clasps are a put off and customers will always avoid jewelry that has such clasps. The jewelry you design should be simple to wear or remove, and if the wearer consumes a lot of time just trying to fit in the jewelry, then your pieces will always be avoided like plague by the customers.

Clasps that are made of magnet are simple to unclip and they lock well to keep the ornament secured in place. When purchasing the clasps you should also be keen on the attractiveness of the clasps. Female customers to be specific will not only go for easy to wear jewelry but also stunning pieces that will make them stand out from the rest. With wholesale online store like, it is easy to get the best magnetic clasps at very affordable prices.

Go for Quality

Most products have imitations and hence you need to check the clasps that you are buying, and here you will need to concentrate on the quality of the magnet. Genuine magnetic clasps have strong magnets that will not get weak with time, and so the jewelry that you will design will serve the customers for long, making them come for your brand whenever they want to purchase more pieces. Good quality keeps customers coming back for more.

Why these Clasps are better than other fasteners

Customers love these magnetic clasps because they are easy to fasten or unfasten, the bother of fiddling around with tucks and screws is eliminated and what they simply do is to place the clasps together and the jewelry is secure in its place. Other clasps are very small making it difficult to operate them, but these magnetic fasteners are comfortable to handle.

Designing your jewelry with these magnetic clasps will eliminate the problems that people often have of depending on whoever is around them to assist with the fastening of bracelets or necklaces, and it gets extremely hard to fasten such jewelry when there is no assistance. The magnetic fasteners you will use on your work will require the wearer to simply pull the two ends closer and they will stick together automatically. They remain stuck until enough force is applied to pull them apart.

Make Your Jewelry Strong

Magnetic clasps can be effective and simple to use when embedded on jewelry, but when the pieces are not designed properly they create a weak point at the area of the contacts. You should therefore ensure that you design your pieces with strong points of contact otherwise, they will be snapping off after just a few uses. The problems come at the time of unclasping where a bit of force has to be applied.

Design your jewelry with these clasps and you will be amazed at how fast your products will be flying off the shelves.