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Wood Beads From Indigenous Trees And Its Benefits To The Market

Wood beads are so cheap because this material is almost available everywhere on the world. These beads come in different forms, types and sizes. Wood beads are so unique and have it’s own properties. The beads made from wood have grain pattern and also they have different types of color depending on the type of tree. The beads which are made from wood can be easily be dyed and that is why we can find them in these different colors.  They can be

·         Yellow
·         Red
·         Black
·         Brown
·         Grey

Since wood is not heavy , they are used to make ornaments of different sizes and therefore one can wear them either on ears , hands or even neck.  Also depending on the wood one is using he / she can design very good ornament which can attract everybody.  The wood beads can be curved into a desirable shape when making jewelry using them. Nowadays wood beads have become very expensive since man done a lot of deforestation thus making indigenous trees scarce. This leads to low supply of beads made from trees thus high demand making the prices to rise up.    Wooden beads are made from trees like; apple, olive, bamboo, pear, ebony, sandalwood etc.

 Why Should One Prefer To Buy Wood Beads On Wholesale?

Buying beads on wholesale can bead advantage to the buyer; this is because he will enjoy advantages of whole sale prices thus making a good income. The designer can still mix them with other beads and this mixture can give a very unique decoration.  When you buy wood beads online in wholesale you are left satisfied 100% since there online you are supplied with what you want either on the side of color, quality and even quantity. When we compare online and local retailers they almost take the same quantity. You will still be given free services like shipping or delivery to your place. This will work as money guaranteed back. One can customize beads matching the clothes and this can do by applying on wooden beads.

Wood beads have good durability mostly if they are coated. Most sellers always coat wooden beads and store them well to prevent damage which might be caused by wetness. So as wood beads designer you should be very careful when dealing with these beads.