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Making Blue Crystal Beaded Fringe Dangling Earrings

Hey, girls, do you like beading earrings? Today I will bring you a pair of crystal beaded earrings. I think this pair of beaded dangling earrings is quite delicate and it is suitable to wear in hot summer. Wanna have a look? Let’s start!

Supplies you’ll need in making the bead fringe earrings:
4mm blue glass beads
4mm clear glass beads
Clear drop glass beads
Eye pins
Iron chains
Jump rings
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Round nose plier
Step 1: Prepare 5 eye pins (with different lengths as pictured), thread several 4mm blue glass beads and clear glass beads to the eye pins in sequence and make a loop at each end of the eye pins. Add all the bead links to another eye pin with 4 blue glass beads alternated (making sure the longest one is in middle and the shortest is at beside), and then make a loop at the other end of the eye pin.
Step 2: Cut a piece of jewelry wire, add a clear drop beads to it and twist the wires together, then make a loop with the wires and wrap the wires around the loop. Repeat this step to make other 4 bead patterns.  
Step 3: Attach the five bead patterns to the 5 bead links one by one. Cue 2 pieces of 6cm cross chains, attach them to the 2 ends of the eye pin and connect the other 2 ends of the chains with a jump ring.
Step 4: Attach an earring hook to the jump ring, and continue to make the other beaded dangling earring.
Wow, this pair of blue beaded earrings is quickly finished now, sooo beautiful! I can bet you also love the crystal beaded earrings, so just try to make them yourself then!