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Handmade Cute Pearl Beading Angel Pendant Necklace

Hey, dear friends! Love angel pendant necklaces? Today I will share a beading necklace with a cute pearl angel attached. This cute pendant necklace is quite easy to make for both green hands and professionals, and I hope you like it and try to make one yourself later.

Supplies you’ll need in making handmade pearl necklaces:
6mm White Faceted Glass Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm Yellow Round Pearl Beads
30x10mm White Drop Pearl Beads  
18x7mm White Drop Pearl Beads
12mm Black Acrylic Beads
Rhinestone Bar Spacer
Golden Bead Caps
0.3mm Jewelry Wire
Silver Jump Rings
Golden Headpins
Silver Twisted Chain
Silver Lobster Clasp
Stainless-Steel Scissor
Round Nose Plier 
Step 1: Cut a piece of jewelry wire, slide 5 6mm faceted glass beads and a 4mm yellow pearl bead to it, then cross the right wire through a glass bead as pictured. Add 3 6mm glass beads and a 4mm yellow pearl bead to the same wire and then cross it through a glass bead as pictured. Add an 18x7mm white drop pearl bead to this wire and wrap the 2 wire together. 
Step 2: Slide a 30x10mm white drop pearl bead to a headpin and combine the ready bead pattern with this drop pearl bead together. Repeat step 1 to make another bead pattern and then add this one on the right side of the drop pearl bead.
Step 3: Slide a rhinestone spacer bead, a 12mm black acrylic bead, a golden bead cap and a 6mm white pearl bead to the head pin in sequence, making a loop at the end of the headpin and attach a piece of cross chain with it. Add a lobster claw clasp and 2 jump rings at the 2 ends of the chain as pictured. 
How nice this handmade pendant necklace is! Do you like it? You can follow my detailed instruction to make the cute pendant necklace now and send it to your little girl, and I can bet she will love it really!