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How to make a hemp necklace using common jewelry making supplies?

Hello girls! I am back with another hand crafted jewelry tutorial. This time, we are going a bit conventional using hemp and the rest common jewelry making supplies.
You need to choose hemp twine. Now it comes in various colors, but I recommend you grab the old and natural color. The size can be 1mm, however, a bit broader can also be good. Try buying waxed hemp or simply wax your hemp on your own.
Keep check of the following jewelry making supplies:
·         Hemp twine
·         Beads
·         Beading board
·         Clasp & cord tips
·         Pliers
·         Safety pin

Step 1: Arrange your beads on your beading board. You can even sketch the flat and spiral weaves of parts. Cut 4 pieces of your hemp. Two will make a base and have to be a bit longer than the finished one will be. You will require the other two pieces to form knots, and they need to be just about 5-6 times longer than your finished one. The length depends on beads you add, especially their sizes because you will require less hemp for larger beads as you will tie lesser knots
Step 2: You can make use of a clasp or button to form a loop at each end of the piece. Cut two pieces: one for knots and the other for base. Make sure their length is 2 times longer than what you choose. Afterwards, fold the pieces over and form a loop.
Step 3: You need to knot the hemp just the way you thought in your design. Slide your bead on above the 2 foundational threads and followed by, tie the other knot underneath it – not too tight, or not very loose.
Step 4: Followed by, let ample hemp piece to braid the finishing points and tie them simultaneously. I believe this is a very simple manner to finish off. Then, you need to add a clasp. Think over it before doing it. Cut 2 pieces that are 2 times longer in lieu of cutting 4 pieces. Fold them in half and then make one end by tying one loop. Put a bigger bead or button at the opposite side. Your bead will hold on to it when you stick it into the loop.
Step 5: If you want to finish your hemp piece’s ends with wired or metal cord tips, then it is your choice to use a simple clasp. These will go above the ends of your hemp piece. These jewelry making supplies are of 2 types: one that has got metal flaps that twist over the cord and the next one that has a coil and the bottom part of which you crimp just about the cord. You can use jump rings to form a normal clasp.  
You are all done! It was that simple. Doesn’t it look splendid? I am sure you loved it and enjoyed all through crafting it. Stay tuned for more crafty tutorials using jewelry making supplies.