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Making Handmade Quilling Paper Flower Brooch

Hello, dear readers! Happy to see you again~ Here I will bring you handmade flower jewelry – quilling brooch. I think you will like it while read my detailed tutorial. Then, follow me to have a look.

Jewelry making supplies in making the flower brooches:
31x45mm iron brooch cabochon settings
5mm quilling paper
12mm red round jade beads
white glue
sewing needle
Step 1: Wrap several circles with beige and pink quilling papers round the ruler and glue the end firmly as pictured.

Step 2: Repeat above steps to make other 7 patterns like the first one with beige and pink quilling papers. Cut a small piece of round shape with pink felt, glue it on the brooch cabochon setting and glue the quilling paper patterns on the brooch as a flower.

Step 3: Roll several times with white quilling paper, and roll several times around the white circle with purple quilling paper, then glue the circle quilling pattern on the center of the flower, and then stick a red jade bead on the circle quilling pattern as pictured.


Now, the handmade flower brooch is finished. How do you think of it? Anyway, this quilling paper jewelry is so easy to make, so you can own such a quilling brooch right now. Just try! If you have any problems or ideas, pls fell free to tell me. Hope you have a nice day!