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DIY Simple Silver Chain Bracelet with Pearl Beads

If you are searching for beading bracelet DIY, then you can look here. Next I will share a pearl beads bracelet with you all, and I hope you can get some useful information from this simple chain bracelet. Then, just let’s begin~
Jewelry making supplies you will need in making the pearl beaded bracelet:
8mm Green Pearl Beads
Alphabet Acrylic Beads
Jewelry Wire
Silver Cross Chain
Eye Pins
Round Nose Plier
Long Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier
Step 1: Slide 3 green pearl beads to an eye pin, making a small loop at the other end of the eye pin. Cut a long piece of jewelry wire, wrapping the wire around the 3 beads several times as pictured.
Step 2: Cut a piece of cross chain, attach the pearl beads pattern in the middle part of the chain and add a lobster clasp at one end of the chain. Slide a pearl bead to a headpin and attach it to the other end of the chain.
Step 3: Slide 3 letter beads to 3 headpins respectively, you can choose the beads according to yourself, and here I choose the “P, E A”. Make a loop at each end of the headpins and connect them with the chain.
Now, this silver bracelet with pearl is finished, love it? Such a beading bracelet is quite easy to make for both jewelry making professionals and green hands, and you can DIY this pearl beads bracelet yourself at home as well. Anyway, have a nice day!