Crafting Wires


How to make a necklace using simple seed beads?

I resonate well with your knack for pretty materials and simple designs. I usually prefer sticking to it even if you always seem to be disappointed heading to stores and not being able to find goods in accordance with your scale of preference. As for that particular reason, I present you with a tutorial of step-to-step guide for hand crafting a seed beads necklace.
So, let us begin now and make sure you have the following tools ready to work with:
·         Seed beads
·         Monofilament wire (looks like fishing wire)
·         Jump rings*
·         Crimp beads – 1.8mm
·         Lobster claw clasp – 1x
·         Chain
·         Jewelry spacers
·         Scissors or wire cutters
·         Needle-nose pliers

I will recommend that you use assorted colors of seed beads. *Be careful about the size and quantity: 6 rings in 3 sizes – 4mm (1x), 6mm (3x) and 8mm (2x).
Step 1: Start making your necklace by cutting your filament wire about the length of 24 inches. Afterwards, put your crimp bead and your jump ring of larger size on one end of your wire. You must leave of 2 inches extra space on one end.
Step 2: Now take the end that is free of your wire and loop it onto the jump ring and then into the crimp bead to keep it securely intact.
Step 3: Now please make sure the crimp bead is pulled the entire way up to the border of the jump ring, so that it is secure. Then, using your pliers, simply compress the bead to keep it securely in one place. Now that your string is safe and secure, start sliding seed beads. Take your scissors and cut off the extra wire length. Please know that you will be practicing this step again and again.
Step 4: String your seed beads in any pattern you prefer. I would recommend you string all seed beads of a single color on a single strand.
Step 5: Once you are done, finish off by fixing a crimp bead to a jump ring exactly as you did in the initial step. Then, close the crimp bead. Now you’ll have two end points of jump rings in position and will only be attaching your seed beads to these from here.
Step 6: Repeat the stringing step again and again with any pattern or color. I added a few of jewelry spacers all-through to add some interesting impulse to the necklace.
Step 7: It’s time to finish off. Carefully, snoop open your 6mm jump ring using needle-nose pliers and add the jump ring to your chain about 8 inches. Then, attach that to your bigger jump ring and smoothly close it.
Step 8: Grab your wire cutters or scissors and make a half of your chain, repeating the same step on the opposite side. If you add extra length then you’ll have the liberty to shorter or lengthen your necklace as required. Secure your lobster claw clasp to your chain, fix it to the smallest ring and attach that to the ending point of your chain. Now take another 6mm jump ring and fix it to the opposite side of your chain to make a clasp.

Making a seed beads necklace was that simple!