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DIY a Pair of Easy Turquoise Beading Drop Earrings

Hello, dear readers! Wanna making turquoise jewelry? Here I will share an easy pair of turquoise bead earrings with you guys. This pair of beading earrings is so easy to make that you all can DIY a pair yourself quickly at home. Hope you like them. Then, let’s see.
Jewelry making supplies you will need in making the beaded drop earrings:
8mm Red Faceted Glass Bead
Bronze Earring Hooks
16mm Turquoise Square Beads
Tibetan Style Bead Caps
Brass Bronze Headpins
Brass Silver Flat Spacers
Round Nose Plier
Step 1: Thread a 16mm turquoise bead, a Tibetan style bead cap, a brass silver flat spacer and an 8mm red faceted glass bead to a brass bronze headpin in sequence as pictured.
Step 2: Make a small loop on the other end of the headpin, and attach this beaded drop to a bronze earring hook.

Step 3: Repeat above steps to make the other one earring.
Here is the final look of the turquoise bead earrings. Love them?
I know many of you are interested in jewelry making, but you may feel a little difficult in DIY. Then I hope today’s tutorial on making turquoise jewelry can give you some encouragement and inspiration in jewelry making. Also, you can change the turquoise beads into jade beads or pearl beads. Anyway, this pair of beading earrings is so easy to make, why not have a try?