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How To Make Lava Beads Jewelry?

Girls like us who are into home-crafted jewelry are profoundly fervent for lava beads. If you are hearing it for the first time, let me tell you what lava-beads are and how you can use them to create exceptional pieces of jewelry. Most popular of these pieces are bracelets, and in this post you will find every single bit of information on how to create a few batches. It is a wonderful way of making a few bucks provided that people around you are fond of trying new things.

Before we start on the process of making lava bead jewelry, here’s what you need to know about the look and feel of lava beads. It is formed by the natural molten lava and is crafted into various shapes to suit individual requirements. It has become a trend to wear lava bead jewelry for various reasons. For now we are all about its significance in fashion!

a.      Things you need to make a lava bead bracelet

Lava beads look breathtaking on their own but I prefer adding some color to the grim and sultry look of these beautiful stones. Therefore, I am going to give you a list of essentials that have add-ons to make your jewelry look glamorous.
-          Lava beads strand: usually a 15” of strand is perfect to make a few pairs. You can easily buy them online or if you are planning to make a number of batches for sale, wholesale prices would benefit you more.
-          Colorful acrylic beads: Any color of acrylic bead would look great as long as you like it. Think of various combinations, mix and match with your favorites and you are on a roll.
-          Nylon thread: Lava bead strand will only hold the beads. It will not be used to make the bracelet, so opt for good quality neutral shade nylon thread that does not hurt delicate skins.
-          A Pair of scissors &Lighter: to cut threads and seal those ends.

b.      Step by step guide on creating a lava bead bracelet
I would advise all first timers to perform this task in a comfortable environment, so you can enjoy at the same time and find your true calling in home-crafted jewelry.
a.       Cut a pair of threads of same length, let’s say 40cm each and tie an overhand knot.
b.       Now insert both ends of the thread into a lava bead, facing each other oppositely.
c.       Now you have two faces of threads in opposite directions. Add on your favorite combination of acrylic beads and make the threads pass through another lava bead.
d.       Continue to do so until you have reached a desired length and seal the row of beads with an overhand knot once again. By the looks of it, you’re almost there!
e.       Take another thread of 20cm length and place it with remaining ends to create square knots. Make at least seven square knots or as many as you can manage.
f.        Make the ends of both threads prettier by adding acrylic beads on both ends and tie double overhand knots.
g.       Cut the long threads and burn their ends with lighter to make a seal. You’re ready to sport your first lava bead bracelet!

To make many more bracelets made of lava beads like these, you will have to bring yourself into practice of tying overhand and square knots, if you are not generally good at that task. Once mastered, your bracelet making game will go sky-rocketing.