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DIY Chain Necklaces with Quilling Flowers for Girls

Good afternoon, friends. Today, I will show an easy beading necklace with you. If you are searching for quilling paper necklaces, then I hope you can get some inspirations from my tutorial on DIY chain necklaces with quilling flowers for girls. Now, follow me to have a look!

Jewelry making supplies you will need:
3mm quilling paper
5mm quilling paper
6x3mm white acrylic pearl cabochons
8mm white glass pearl beads
brass jump rings
lobster claw clasp
iron cross chain
glue gun
white glue
needle nose pliers
round nose pliers
Step 1: Roll several 10cm yellow quilling paper circular beads as pictured, and pinch them a little into an oval shape. Take 5 circular beads and stick them together as a flower, then glue a white acrylic pearl cabochon in the center of the flower.
Step 2: Repeat above steps to make other 3 quilling flowers with pearl cabochon, add a jump ring to each ready quilling flower separately, and connect the 4 flowers with the cross chain as shown in the picture. Slide 5 pearl beads to 3 head pins separately, make a loop on the bottom and attach the 5 head pins to the cross chain as pictured.

Step 3: Add a jump ring to both ends of the chain, attach a lobster claw clasp to one end of the jump ring and one part of the chain as pictured, and add another pearl bead with head pin to the other end of the chain.

Here is the final look of this DIY flower necklace.
Now, this easy necklace is finished. What a wonderful chain necklace for girls! How do you think of this quilling paper necklace, and do you love it? Just have a try!