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How to Make Snap Jewelry with Snap Set Findings?

Are you one of those jewelry makers who do not like to use gem settings to create any jewelry item? Do you want to make gem jewelry without any metal work involving? If yes, then I am going to teach you how to start things and eventually end up with the right kind of jewelry. To create your snap jewelry you need to find the right kind of snap set findings first. You can choose from the several options available and pick the one that suits you the best. There are different types of mountings that are used to pendants, earrings and rings as well.

When you find the right snap set finding then the next thing comes is to place the gem on the finding. You can either choose to put the gem on a plain surface and press the finding from behind or you can place the finding on the surface and press the gem on to it. You can decide which ever method is easy for you do to. I personally like to place the gem on the surface and then press on the finding. The finding will snap right onto the gem then you can complete the look of your snap jewelry but placing as many gems as you like.
Some tips to guide you through
While making the snap jewelry and the use of snap findings in it you need to make sure you are doing everything in the right manner. If you somehow use the wrong approach then you might be struggling on it for a long time.
So, I have some tips and suggestions for you here that can prove to be beneficial in making your snap jewelry in the best way possible:
·         Using faceted gems are easier to handle as compared to the cabochons when it comes to the beginners. This is because the faceted gems have got a flat table while the cabochons are rounded.
·         To keep the gem in place while you press the finding on the back you can use a double sided tape or you can tape the ends of a scotch tape to do that.
·         Rounded faceted gems are easier to use than the square or rectangular ones. Using the round faceted gem does not gets crooked which is why it is easy to use.
·         Try to place the gem on some old surface or on a wooden piece when you press the finding on it. Don’t place it on a newly polished surface or a good surface as the gem might scratch it.
·         While you place the snap set findings to complete your snap jewelry make sure you hold the earring post in one hand and then snap the gem in the finding with the other hand.
·         If you find some space between the gemstone and the mounting then you can add in some wire rings. I have made my crafts even more beautiful and attractive by using wire rings on them.

·         You also need to have the snap set finding of the size of the gem so that you can end up with neat jewelry items.