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DIY Earrings with Aluminum Wire

Good afternoon dear friends, nice to see ya again. Do you have an interest in jewelry making? If yes, today I am going to share you an easy tutorial about how to make DIY earrings with aluminum wire, please follow me to see HOW!
Jewelry making supplies needed for how to make the easy DIY earrings with aluminum wire:
1.5mm red aluminum wire, 0.8mm black copper wire, earring hooks, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, wire cutter.
Steps for making the cute DIY earrings with aluminum wire:
Step 1: prepare the wire wrap spiral pattern
First, trim off a length of 20cm aluminum wire;
Second, form a loop at one end using the round nose;
Third, prepare the spiral pattern with double round noses;
Fourth, form the last coil by winding around a marker;
Fifth, prepare a 2cm tail and trim off the unnecessary wire;
Sixth, make a loop on the tail;
Please see the picture showing below:
Step 2: finish the spiral earrings with aluminum wire:
First, wind the black copper wire around the round nose;
Second, cut off 4 jumprings;
Third, combine the spiral wire dangle with the earring hooks using double jumprings;
Fourth, repeat the same procedures to make the another one;
Here is the final look of the pretty DIY earrings for women:
Wow, guys, how do you feel like the DIY earrings with aluminum wire? It’s so adorable and easy to make right? If you wanna hold such a pair of earrings, why don’t you make it yourself? Good luck guys. Hope you like it and wish you a good day~