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DIY Needle Tatting Earrings

I'm calling these pair of earrings Needle tatting earrings. I'm a sucker for earrings. If you are looking for an easy earring project, these needle tatting earrings are a simple way to bling out an old pair of hoops. 

All you need is beads, cabochons, jewelry wire, thread and earrings. The importmant part is beads. It's cheap, but colorful and versatile. Here are the materials for elegant needle tatting earrings:
4mm Golden Brass Smooth Round Bead
4mm Blue Glass Pearl Bead
Acrylic Rhinestone Cabochon
Iron Earring
Tiger Wire
2mm Nylon Thread
Wire Cutting Plier
Flat Plier
How to make elegant needle tatting earrings:

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