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Add Sequin Beads To Your Heels

Are you ready to DIY your own jeweled heels? These pair of sequin bead heels are super HOT right now! It seems like every celebrity owns a pair. The only problem is, the expensive price of these shoes. I am going to show you how to get the look for much less without breaking the bank! Now, I want to DIY these shoes. My version is WAY, WAY cheaper! So here are the beads and other supplies I used below. You will find such a HUGE savings!
- Suede pumps
- Lace
- Sequin beads
- Rhinestones
- Gem-Tac glue and paintbrush
- Needle/Thread/Scissors
Let's get crafty!
Step 1. Lay lace over the top of the pumps, then cut out two patterns in a Uish V shpe with extra room to spare.
Then get more details here. If you take the time to do the steps correctly, they will be so gorgeous! By the way, what color sequin beads would you use?