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How to String Beads for Jewelry Making

Stringing beads for jewelry making is fun and very easy. However, many people have concerns on who will teach them the basics, the things to do, where to start or end and many more queries. That is understandable because a beginner will always doubt his or her capability but you are sorted out in this article. It will touch on the key steps for stringing beads for your clear understanding. It is something that you can do on your own without seeking any professional help.

  • Design layout- your first step will be coming up with a dummy design of how the stringed beads will look like at the end of the process. It will lay the foundation on how the whole stringing will proceed thus should be taken very serious.
  • Cut the wire- there are specifications given on how the wire should be cut and this will be the step to actualize that. You can alternatively come up with your own specifications just to make it more personalized other than depending on what the manufacturer has given out. Ensure all the measurements are cut out precisely.
  • String beads- the third step will be actual stringing of beads for jewelry making. You should string the entire beads in an orderly manner in relation to size, design or color for uniformity purposes. Every bead should be stringed at a time so don’t have too many beads at the same time as it will be tiring. On both ends of the wire, you can make a knot to prevent the beads from falling off.

  • Check design- once stringing is over, it will be time to have an overview of the work done and determine whether it has obeyed the set out design. If the design has not come out as you had wished, don’t feel the pressure of re-starting again because you just want to have a smart piece of jewelry. Stringing of beads for jewelry making has to be precise and any necessary adjustments must be effected at this stage.
  • Prepare clasp- this will be the last step for stringing your beads. The clasp is made of two different halves that will be prepared and attached differently. You will attach the first half and then draw beads against it before attaching the second one. If you are unable to draw the beads using your fingers, you can use pliers which are equally effective. When that is successful, stringing of your beads for jewelry making will be through and ready for use.  

This step-by-step guideline will do away with the need for an expert when stringing beads for jewelry making. It has all the basics that are required so you should not have any worries or concerns. The most important thing is sticking to the given instructions without any omission. Do not give up before you start stringing which is the problem with many people who are into jewelry. You must take up the challenge for even the unknown.