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DIY A Multi Stand Bracelet

Hello Hello, try to DIY a multi stand bracelet this afternoon! Making a multi stand bracelet doesn't have to be difficult or take a lot of time - this pretty sweet bracelet with pearls and porcelain flowers is proof of that. 

Today I thought I would show you the details. It is an easy afternon project!  Follow me!

First, gather your jewelry making supplies:
6mm dark green satin ribbon
8mm porcelain flower beads
8mm ivory glass pearl beads
8mm pink glass pearl beads
Golden brass cross chain
Green sewing thread
Glue gun

Then follow these easy steps:
Step1: Pick a piece of 70cm green ribbon and a piece of 32 links long golden chain, then weave ribbon through golden chain, glue the last link to ribbon.
Step 2: Adorn pearls and flowers,keep gluing the pearl beads and flowers in alternate order you like.
With simple weaving and sewing technique, you can make this beautiful and versatile multi-strand bracelet. Have a great day!