Crafting Wires


Statement Necklace for Summer Days

This is an easy Statement Necklace tutorial I came across the other day. I love the simple pattern and color match. The dazzling red porcelain flower beads just catch my eye. A so easy yet stunning DIY for summer!

Required jewelry making supplies for summer necklace:

1 headpin
jump rings 
a clasp 
seed beads
focal beads 

1. Thread focal bead and other beads onto the headpin;
2. Bend the headpin at a 90 degree angle;
3. Using round nosed jewelry pliers, bend the headpin back around to form a half loop;
4. Measure the middle of your length of chain and hook the headpin through a link in the chain;
5. Twist the wire of the headpin around the loop;
6. Keep twisting around the loop, pulling the wire neatly in a circle. Tuck and tighten the end;
7. Thread seed beads on to jump rings;
8. Work your way along the chain, on either side of the focal, adding the seed beads;
9. Complete the necklace by adding the jewelry clasp.

Will you try this jewelry set?