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Embellish your Sunglasses with Decorative Beads

Summer is going to end. But sunglasses are still hot items for dressing us up. You may see many sunglasses displayed in stores with the similar styles, boring right? So why not get to DIY your own sunglasses? You can buy the classic shapes of sunglasses of cat-eye, aviators, or over-sized round one, and glue a variety of decorative pieces, like rhinestone beads, pearl beads, acrylic beads, sequins and more on the sunglasses. 

These are easy projects for those who aren’t that good at crafts.
*Pearl cabochon beads add elegance but cute feel on the sunglasses. Simply glue the beads and you have the same look as Rihanna with her Chanel glasses.

*Flowery sunglasses are very popular for summer time.You need to buy flower shaped acrylic beads and glue them on sunglasses. 

*Give your old sunglasses a new look by gluing studs on, rock the newly fashion style!

*Glitters can be great materials for transforming your sunnies! See?

*Get ready for a handful of button beads and a hot glue gun for updating you sunglasses! You will love the new look!

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