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Wholesale Acrylic Beads: What Are They?

Beads are the most versatile jewelry making material you can find because they come in so many shapes, sizes and types. One of the most ignored yet valuable beads to use in making jewelry are wholesale acrylic beads from Panda Hall. These can simply be referred to as plastic beads. However, when you look at them, they can be mistaken for glass beads as the plastic used to make them resembles glass from afar. While these beads are not made out of glass, they are still just as beautiful if not more beautiful than glass beads and they have the added advantage of being stronger than beads made from glass.

You will find that many jewelry makers have a big stock of acrylic beads in their jewelry supplies kit. This is because these types of beads have a lot of advantages to them. However, the foremost advantage that makes it possible for every crafts person and jewelry maker to have these beads in stock is the fact that they are affordable. If you have just started making jewelry and are looking for beads that will not cost a lot but have the ability to make attractive jewelry capable of earning you a good income, then look no further than wholesale acrylic beads.

Acrylic beads are affordable

In addition to their affordability, these beads are strong. Even if they sometimes resemble glass beads, they have the added benefit of being impact resistant. This is because the material used to make them is quite strong and durable. Hence, where you want to make jewelry that will have to withstand a lot of wear and tear then acrylic beads are the right fit for you.

These beads also come in a lot of shapes, sizes and colors. This means that you are free to design jewelry in different patterns. These beads offer you excellent variety that is a creative person’s dream. With beads of different colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, you will be able to make elaborate and unique designs that will set your jewelry apart from other jewelry items made by others.

Buy beads in bulk and get variety

Based on these advantages, it makes sense to buy acrylic beads in bulk. Buying beads in bulk will not only offer you lots of variety, but it will also offer you the chance to save money. This is because wholesale prices are not retail prices. You always buy things cheaper when you buy them on wholesale than when you buy them on retail.

You will save even more money if you choose to make your purchases online at Pandahall. That way you don’t have to move from your workshop or home as you can just order your beads and supplies from a reputable website. So get online and buy your wholesale acrylic beads today!