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The Different Types of Wooden Beads Available for Jewelry Makers

Wooden beads are the most common type of beads to come across. However, this does not mean that they are useless. Quite to the contrary, beads made out of wood have numerous advantages. They are quite affordable and versatile in terms of their shape, color and size. For these reasons, these beads can be used to make a variety of items and are not necessarily confined to jewelry making alone.

The type of wood used to make a bead determines the kind of beads you will end up with. It makes sense for one to be aware of the types of woods that make beads so that this information guides you in getting the best beads for your craft. First thing you should be aware is that wood is divided into two. There is a type known as hardwood and there is soft wood. You will also find that these beads differ in terms of color and texture based on the type of wood they come from. So you will find beads that are gray, light brown, dark brown and red among other colors. This is a great advantage because you can use these beads to come up with a variety of designs by just using them in their natural state.

Spice up your beads

However, you are not restricted to using wooden beads as they come. You can add more value to them by painting or dying them. These beads are considered organic materials for jewelry making because they are natural. You can combine them with other organic items such as coral beads, shells, horns, and seeds to come up with very beautiful pieces of ethnic-inspired jewelry. These beads are also often used in creating nice home décor pieces such as beaded curtains. They are especially versatile and are a must have for anyone engaged in the art of jewelry making.

The other advantage of using these beads from Panda Hall is the fact that they are light in weight. This means that one can make quite elaborate jewelry pieces from these beads. Did you know that you can make your jewelry smell sweet by using certain types of wood beads? This is true because certain types of woods such as sandalwood are renowned for their aroma and they make quite interesting beads.

You can also use beads from Pandahall as a way of making affordable but exquisite jewelry by coating the beads with materials such as gold or silver. You may also cover it with metals such as bronze. People who choose such options do so to cut costs and also come up with jewelry that is not too heavy for a client to wear. In many cases, you don’t even have to add anything to wood beads as in their natural state they are quite attractive. This is especially the case with wooden beads from panda hall that have rare grains such as quilted and fiddle- back grains that give the beads elaborate patterns. So buy you wood beads from a wide selection at Panda Hall today!