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How to Select Cheap Beads to Make Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is very popular these days for many reasons, one of which is that it is extremely customizable. There are several different kinds of cheap beaded jewelry that you can make on your own, such as earrings, bracelets, anklets and armbands of your choice and pattern.
Historically, beaded jewelry was made with seashells, glass, wood, gems and metal. Today, if you want to make your own jewelry out of cheap beads, you'll be stunned by the amazing array of beads in different textures, shapes and sizes. And isn't that great? After all, who wants to wear beads that are worn by hundreds of others? By customizing them, you can make gifts of all kinds of patterns and colors and please your friends.
How to choose: You need to think hard before actually selecting beads. For instance, you need to consider the kind of jewelry you want to make. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a trend and give it a spin or you want to make your own signature ultra modern style. The options for you are myriad, so don't let anything come in the way of your cheap beads and your imagination.
You can choose from pearl, seed, crystal, glass and plastic beads that are easily available on the market.
If your choice is something chic, select beads of glass and plastic in different colors and a few in gold and silver. Do you want an ethnic look? For this, you'll need to select earthy colors and natural shades like brown, tan and black. To give a better overall effect to your jewelry, add in some painted wooden beads in rich colors like red, green and yellow so that they brighten up your jewelry.
You can also buy your collection of cheap beads online, but before you press that button, ensure that the site has a relaxed return policy in case you receive damaged beads. If you don't find this out and are landed with broken beads, you will be paying for them but not using them. So, if making cheap beads jewelry is your little business, imagine the loss you're going to incur.
If it's not your business but just a hobby, it's good to buy in bulk and share the expense with a friend. This will help you, as otherwise it would take you a very long time to exhaust the entire stock of cheap beads that you buy in a wholesale lot. If you're purchasing them online, it means you don't get a chance to examine them personally before buying, so here's one more reason for finding out about the site's exchange policy.
Lastly, inspect the beads for any imperfections. If you find them not rounded but oval, reject them outright. Also, make sure that they aren't scratched, broken or chipped as these will be useless to you.

If making cheap beads jewelry is your hobby or your line of business, be very sure of the kind of beads you want as this will tell on your creativity and your standing as a hobbyist. Don't choose by any other parameter except color, material, texture, gradation and smoothness before you start using them.