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How to Make Tibetan Style Feather Pendant Necklace

This tutorial is going to introduce the methods of making this Tibetan style diy feather necklace. If you love handmade antique chain necklace, and Tibetan style jewelry findings, do not miss trying this one.
First, you have to prepare the following materials and tools:
Antique Bronze Feather Tibetan Style Links
6x4mm Red Electroplate Glass Beads
15x10mm Drop Glass Beads
MidnightBlue Feather Costume Accessories
Antique Golden Handmade Alloy Chain
Antique Bronze Brass Bar & Ring Toggle Clasps
0.5mm Camel Copper Jewelry Wire
Antique Bronze Jump Rings
Antique Bronze Headpins
Antique Bronze Eyepins
Side Cutting Pliers
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Then follow these steps to make this Tibetan style necklace:
Step 1: slide 4 drop glass beads onto the headpins, then use round nose plier to make small loops on these headpins to make pendants like shown in the picture;
Step 2: slide a red faceted bead onto an eyepin, then make a loop with the plier to fix the red bead in the middle;
Step 3: wrap a piece of copper wire on the feather, then make a loop;
Step 4: attach the red bead dangle to the feather pendant;
Step 5: use jump rings to hang the four pendants onto the antique feather link. Hang the feather pendant on the feather link through the middle hole;
Step 6: connect the feather link with two pieces of handmade alloy chains;
Step 7: attach the Tibetan style toggle and tbar to the ends of the necklace.
This is the final look of this diy feather necklace:
Heres another picture~
Its quite easy to make this vintage style antique chain necklace. I believe you can make one by yourself after reading this tutorial. So, do not hesitate to gather all the materials and have a try. Thank you for reading this DIY tutorial and hope you like it.