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A DIY Tutorial on How to Make A Beaded Tassel Chain Necklace

Are you planning to make a diy beaded tassel necklace with golden chains and colorful glass beads? Today’s tutorial will introduce you this fashion tassel necklace design.
Do you like this tassel chain necklace? Follow this tutorial to see how to make it and you will find it is not as hard as you expected.
Before we start, you need to prepare these materials:
8MM Clear Abacus Electroplate Glass Beads
6 MM Clear Abacus Electroplate Glass Beads
8MM Faceted Round Glass Beads
14x8MM Faceted Glass European Beads
12x6MM Faceted Drop Electroplate glass Beads
10MM Golden Clear Rhinestone Spacer Beads
2MM Golden Spacer Beads
Golden Twisted Chain
0.2MM Transparent Fishing Wire
Golden Eyepins
Golden Ball Headpins
Golden Jump Rings
Golden Spring Clasps
Golden Cross Chain
Round Nose Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Then, you just need to follow these steps to make the tassel chain necklace.
Step 1: slide a 12x6MM faceted drop electroplate glass bead to an eyepin. Fix the bead by wrapping the eyepin.
Step 2: slide a 8mm clear abacus glass bead to another eyepin, and connect them to the drop faceted glass bead.
Step 3: slide a 6mm clear abacus glass bead to an eyepin, and make a loop on another end of the eyepin to fix the clear glass bead in the middle.
Step 4: use two pieces of twisted chains to link the two elements as the picture shows.
Step 5: in this way, make altogether 10 pieces of beaded chains. Use a piece of fishing wire to collect them together.
Step 6: slide a blue glass European bead, a rhinestone spacer bead, a red faceted glass bead and a 2mm spacer bead orderly onto the wire.
Step 7: attach an eyepin to the middle of a piece of twisted chain. Then slide a green faceted glass bead to the eyepin. Connect another eyepin to the first one and slide a pink glass bead onto it. Then adopt same means to slide other two beads onto the pattern. Attach a spring clasp to the end.
Step 8: imitate step 7 to make another beaded chain. Connect a piece of twisted chain to the end of the second beaded chain instead of the spring clasp.
Step 9: slide a 8mm clear glass bead to a ball headpin and attach them to another end of the chain.
Step 10: use a jump ring to connect two beaded chains and attach the tassel to the jump ring to finish the necklace.
Wow~ this is the final look of the tassel chain necklace, isn’t it charming?
Have you ever made a tassel chain necklace before? Do you want to have one tassel chain necklace with colorful beads decorated that is handmade to be worn on special occasions? Do not miss this tutorial or hesitate to try this handcraft work. And if you have any comments, please feel free to contact us.