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Seed Beads, What Are They And The Importance Of Buying

Seed beads are widely used in crafting projects as they are suitable for an array of projects and are small in size. In fact, seed beads are used in garments to jewelry. These beads range in different configuration and color that they are found in local craft stores or may be purchased online.

Seed beads quality

Seed beads quality varies with each company depending on their precise methods of glass blowing.  The seed beads made in precise methods are available in higher costs. Companies use different methods of producing beads and so there is irregularity in shape and size. In fact, owing to these irregularities, they are available in cheap prices. However, seed beads may be purchased online or at any local craft stores.

Seed Beads Shape

Seed beads represent their name and are spherical in shape. They resemble seeds having flattened ends and can be strung together.  They are in 1mm and 5mm size, and some are a bit larger.  In fact, their size is advertised normally as an inch. There are elongated varieties of seed beads and they dazzle in the light. These beads are made using different types of glass such as transparent to opaque. They have a lustrous finish and come in various colors. Any reputable supplier’s seed beads are produced in plastic, glass or other materials.

Used for

Seed beads are tiny and are used in making jewelry.  They are used in different projects, varying with what you wish to achieve. Jewelry projects are the main, while they are sewed on garments or fabrics to add extra sparkle. Besides they are found in art projects to enhance the texture. These beads are used in jewelry projects as a filler substance or to separate larger beads marking as spacers. They also suit delicate jewelry pieces.

Is it easy to work with?

The seed beads tiny size is the main barrier to work with. Basically, picking the same is also difficult and people with low dexterity may find it harder. However, such people also have trouble in threading these beads and if so, use threading machines.

Buying tips

Buying seed beads in wholesale online are the best. However, consider these buying tips:

·         Seed Beads are chemically altered, heat treated, stabilized, dyed and plated. In case the seller does not provide details, assume it is low quality seed beads.

·         Check the size by placing a small order first so that you check the size and beads quality.