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Style Up Your Jewelry with Glass Cabochons

Cabochons are the one-of-a-kind decoration items that are rounded from one side and flattened from the other. The flattened side is usually placed on the cabochon setting and glued there. You can use any sort of glue for fixing them on the cabochon setting. This type of decoration and jewelry items have been on from years and people admire it for the creativity and uniqueness it brings along. Amazing visual effects have been created with this kind of semi-precious stone. These are used in a lot of different projects apart from the jewelry projects.

When it comes to making jewelry with these, they are the best choice for making pendants. If you want to choose the types from their wide range then going for glass cabochons would be the perfect choice. These are one of the most beautiful types of semi-precious stones to work with. Anything made from glass is beautiful and so are they. Using any shade of a glass cabochon can light up the entire look of any ring, pendant, bracelet or necklace you want to make. Here are the reasons why a glass cabochon is the right choice for your jewelry making project:
The contemporary look
Anybody can buy the acrylic pieces which sparkle to enhance the look of the jewelry item. But cabochons hold a special significance that make them stand out in the crowd and give a luxury feel to the jewelry item they are placed on. They are often mistaken for semi-precious gemstones. However, they have got different price ranges coming along with them. If you want a gemstone like pendant but without spending excess money then having a cabochon pendant is the most appropriate choice. The cabochon is glued on a silver backing piece that folds in the stone. In this way, you can create a contemporary style pendant without having to spend a fortune on it.
Rich in colors
Cabochons have got amazing shades of colors that make any kind of jewelry item look incredible. The reason of its luxuriousness is why women prefer it in their jewelry. The cabochon pendants are the most famous jewelry item preferred by women. They are available in various attractive colors you can choose from. The glass cabochon pendants are great to make and possess.
These glass stone type pieces are just beyond incredible and the perfect fit for any kind of jewelry item. Not only the jewelry items but these can be used in different items such as on trophies, boxes, wedding favors, furniture, pendants, invitations, plaques, books and much more. Along with this, cabochons are available in different sizes too. You can even place more than one glass piece cabochon on each item.
Another reason why people prefer these glass pieces is that they are durable as compared to the other glass, stones or beads. Due to the shape they possess they can take in more force than other kinds of glass pieces. They are less likely to break or crack. Glass cabochons can be easily placed inside their settings.

All these reasons make the use of a cabochon best for any kind of project. Make sure you are using them right.