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How to decorate your bedroom with glass beads?

To give an extra sparkling touch to your bedroom, you can give a thought to investing in some glass beads that are available in market at a cheap price. These beads can be used to give a makeover to the appearance of your bedroom and can change the whole allure of your room.
To give a unique look to your rooms, you can consider different home décor projects that use glass beads. You do not need to be an expert to try those projects, anyone can try simple things to decorate anything you want using the beads. Here I am going to share a few ideas that will help you in decorating your rooms with glass beads:

Relight the fire:
You can fill a surface glass bowl with smooth or faceted beads and place a tea-light candle in the center of that bowl. When you light the candle, the flame will produce an array of multi-colors by reflecting off of the glass beads. If you use colored beads, it will provide an even better color effects. Glass beads are inflammable and hence are safe to use with candle placement. Using this decoration piece in your bedroom will provide you with a romantic candlelight appearance. It is safer than using a candle holder for having a romantic candlelight look.
You can make Dream Catcher:
You can make your own dream catcher by using glass beads and some other additional jewelry supplies that you can pick from any craft store. You will need hoops that are flexible yet strong and some twine. There are many tutorials available online that can assist you in creating your own beautiful and unique dream catcher that you can use in your room. Those tutorials will be helpful for you if you want to add beads to its main structure. Once your main structure is completed using threading process, you will be able to proceed using extra colored beads in your dream catcher that will add the sparkle to your bedroom in the moonlight.
Decorate Mirror:
You can decorate a plain mirror frame by using a lot of different glass beads. There is a wide range of beads available in the market that you can use according to the general color scheme that matches your bedroom. You can use tiny seed beads to decorate a mirror and gloss them to protect from any damage or you can go for large sized beads to give your mirror an antique or chunky look. You can use glass beads in a combination with different charms to enhance the allure of your mirror. A total mismatch of different kinds of beads can also give a funky look to your mirror. You can try different arrangement techniques and then stick the beads down on the mirror in the best possible way.

Above mentioned are some ideas through which you can give an attractive look to your bedroom or any other room of your house. What you need are a creative mind and supplies.