Crafting Wires


A Detailed Guide to Jewelry Findings

For beginners, jewelry findings are the components used for joining together all the parts of jewelry into one. There have been many questions asked about this topic since information is scanty. Luckily, this article will touch on some of these findings for your clear understanding.

Jump ring

This is one of the many findings that you will get in any beauty shop whether online or offline. It is a loop that is double twisted and mostly used with necklaces. Attaching it is very easy since you just have to slide the pedant through open ends of the ring which ensures the necklace is firmly in place. A jump ring is very secure compared to other jewelry findings in the market.


These are like stones and mostly come in either faceted or domed shape. You will not see a hole in these findings and most of them are stuck on pedants that are of corresponding size. When choosing the cabochons to use, consider their material which is mostly plastic, wood, glass or semi-precious stones. All these materials have a guarantee for durability so never feel cheated in any that you select. However, they are prone to scratches which you should highly guard against.

Crimp beads

These jewelry findings are primarily used to secure threads when being attached to a bracelet, necklace or any other applicable jewelry. To get maximum value from this one, you must use crimping pliers and thread it from side to side of the loop before adding beads. Make sure you have used the right type of beads and the threading procedure must be repeated on both ends. If it’s for necklaces, don’t use very heavy beads.


This is yet another category of the jewelry findings that you are most likely to get in the market. It is just like a wire with good length but one end is always flat. That allows for beads to be threaded in without falling off thanks to the loop on the tail end. They are ideal for making earrings since they come with different sections with movable beads.

Folding crimps

These jewelry findings have a very thick cord that makes them good for use with bracelets or necklaces. The cord can be made of cotton or leather which will give you some security when it comes to durability. To construct one, you will start by folding one side over the cord using pliers before repeating that to the second end. The grasp created will be very firm so no worries about the beads coming off unnoticed. There is a loop present in this finding that is used for attaching it to the jewelry.

With that information, you should not have any further problems in choosing the ideal findings to use with your jewelry. There are many others in the market apart from those discussed in this article so it’s upon you to research widely and exhaust your options. Never shy away from seeking professional assistance in making an informed choice.