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Tutorial on Making a Natural Turquoise Bead Necklace

Natural turquoise bead necklaces are really popular in these days. This tutorial is about to introduce this turquoise stone pendant necklace shown in the below picture. If you adore this pendant chain necklace design, you can follow this tutorial to learn how to make it.
What do we need to make this turquoise stone pendant necklace:
Drop Synthetic Turquoise Beads
Mixed Shaped Turquoise Beads
Chip Turquoise Beads
Silver Tube Beads
0.5mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire
Iron Cross Chains
Silver Spring Clasps
Silver Headpins
Iron Jump Rings
Flat Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Lets start to make this simple pendant necklace:
Step 1: cut off a piece of copper wire. Bend one end and wrap it around the wire to form a small loop;
Step 2: slide a silver tube bead onto the wire from another end, then make a loop and fix the tube in the middle;
Step 3: in this way, make six other tube bead links;
Step 4: cross a copper wire through a rhombus turquoise bead and make small loops at the ends;
Step 5: cut off a piece of chain. Hang the turquoise bead link onto the chain, then hang other tube bead links onto the chain;
Step 6: slide a chip turquoise bead onto a headpin, then make a small loop with the top part of the headpin to make a turquoise bead pendant;
Step 7: in this way, make other five pendants with the chip turquoise beads and a bigger pendant with the heart shaped turquoise bead;
Step 8: hang these pendants to the bottom part of the chain;
Step 9: attach a jump ring to one end of the chain, and attach a spring clasp to another end to finish the necklace.
This is the final look of the turquoise stone pendant necklace.
Another picture of it~