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Making Simple Handmade Stretchy Tattoo Choker Necklace

Love DIY tattoo choker necklace? Next I will bring you a simple choker necklace, which is easy in making and cool in wearing. If you are interested in making choker necklace, then you should not miss this handmade choker necklace tutorial. Well, just follow me to have a look~

Jewelry makingsupplies in making the stretchy choker necklace:
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
Black Leather Threads
Silver Twisted Chain
Silver Lobster Clasp
Cord Ends
Silver Headpins  
Silver Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Stainless-Steel Scissor
Black Clamp
Step 1: Cut 4 pieces of black leather threads and combine each 2 as one part, and then add a cord end to one end one the threads. Fix the black threads with a clamp, making a knot with the threads at the right side as pictured and then make another knot with the threads at the left side. Repeat above steps to make more knots with the threads crossly until the length is fit to you yourself.
Step 2: Add another cord end to the other end of the threads. Cut 2 pieces of chains, add one chain on a cord end, and add a lobster clasp to one chain, while the other chain with an 8mm white round pearl bead.

I make this simple choker necklace within a quite short time, and then do you wanna have a try? DIY tattoo choker necklace is more and more popular, so if you also wanna make one for yourself, just try to make one with this detailed introduction. Good luck~