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Making Bracelet With Cheap Beads

Beads are a kind of ornamental stones that are shiny. They can occur naturally and also can be manufactured synthetically. Beads are also used to make abracelet, on wedding dresses, necklaces. Beads can be made from different types of materials. There are both cheap and costly. They can be made from glass, ceramic, wood, stones and precious stones. Generally, they have holes in them so that they can be inserted in the wires and the strings. In this topic, we are going to talk about the cheap beads present in the market and how to make ahomemade bracelet from them.

Types of cheap beads:

Acrylic Beads:
These beads are made from plastic material and very cheap and light in weight. They are the mostly used beads in the cheap beads category.

Czech seed beads:
These are the seed beads which are of moderate quality but are very cheap in cost. They do not have regular shapes or sizes. There is a lot of variation in this beads. But they are great value for money.

Wooden beads:
These beads are the cheapest beads present in the market. They have avariety of shapes and colors. Design and quality are very vast.

These were some kind of cheap beads that are present in the market.

Now we will talk about making bracelets with cheap beads and the materials, tools needed for making them are as following:
        String or elastic
        Beads (I prefer acrylic or wooden beads)
        Round nose pliers

Steps to make a glass bead bracelet:

1.    Wrist size:
The user has to measure the wrist size and cut the wire or the string a little bigger than that. As the beads are of cheaper range I prefer elastic of string. Metal wires are not preferred in this case.

2.    Putting beads on the wire:
Now put a clasp on one end of the wire and hold the wire from the second end. Now put beads into the wire and fill it to the length desired. You can put different varieties of cheap beads to give it new look.

3.    Length of bracelet:
The beads should be on the wire for the complete length. There should not be any gap between the beads. But it should not be very much tight.

4.    Tie the wire:
You can give it a square knot like the knot we give to our shoes. Then try to put the knot under a bead hole.

These were the steps that were used to make a bracelet on your own.